5+ Best Startup Venture Studios for Web3 Blockchain

A Venture Studio (Venture Builder) is an organization that creates startups, frequently by providing the initial team, strategic direction, and capital to the startup to access the right product for the market. To better understand the model of startup venture studios. Let's learn about the list of venture studios below.

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As we know, the majority of startup projects are often short of capital, have not yet grasped the market, and cannot find a direction for future projects. Therefore,  startup venture studios are great ” friend” helping founders build their careers and realize their dreams.

A Venture Studio (Venture Builder) is an organization that creates startups, frequently by providing the initial team, strategic direction, and capital to the startup to access the right product for the market.

To better understand the model of startup venture studios. Let’s learn about the list of venture studios below.

What is a Venture Studio?

Before looking at the list of venture studios, we must understand what a venture studio is.

Venture studio businesses, sometimes known as ” startup studios,” are institutions created to launch new startup businesses. To achieve this, they either come up with original ideas for startups or hire founders who already have ideas. They then invest a sizable amount of time and money into the process of effectively expanding the startup.

Every venture studio has a process at its core, and these steps typically consist of four (though each studio may name them differently) steps:

  • Ideation: the process of developing a novel concept and “pressure-testing” it with prospective customers through dialogue and the exchange of prototypes.
  • Productization:  is the process of creating the “minimum viable product,” or MVP, which isn’t the final version but is sufficient to share with clients for feedback, the first sale, and further development.
  • Launch: the process of developing and implementing a go-to-market strategy, which includes sales, marketing, and customer service.
  • Scale: the method of helping a corporation grow by focusing on its initial commercial success.

Since financial support is needed for each activity at each stage of the process, venture studios are frequently offshoots of venture capital firms. The equity investment taken in the company can be quite significant depending on the level of involvement, as startups are hazardous and frequently fail. A studio’s involvement in a startup typically lowers the risk for investors because the team’s expertise and procedures can help to avoid frequent blunders that would prevent others from succeeding.

What Does a Venture Studio Do?

The main benefit of a venture studio is that it can access resources outside of the founding team, shortening the time it takes for an invention to be commercialized. By providing a startup with resources they would typically be unable to afford in the beginning, these resources lower risk and improve outcomes:

  • The ability of the company to execute is increased by skilled teams engaged by the venture studio or through their partner network, which also reduces the time and cost of rework caused by errors and inexperience.
  • Methods and tools developed by the studio and made available to its portfolio companies aid in achieving goals more quickly because they are the product of distilling errors and experience into procedure.
  • Venture studios’ readiness to “roll up their sleeves” and offer practical advice lowers risk while also accelerating founder mentorship and training.

Furthermore, venture studios assist you as a founder in determining how to draw in investors to finance your company or how to persuade someone to buy your goods. You get to entirely concentrate on utilizing the studio’s abilities, contacts, and network to develop your startup.

List of Startup Venture Studios for Web3 Blockchain

Below is a list of venture studio startups for Web3 Blockchain that are highly regarded for their prestige and ability to generate high profits for investors.

Satom Venture Studio 

Satom Venture Studio is an investment fund operating in the field of Blockchain. We invest and support founders who share the same beliefs and determination to build a “Decentralized future”. At Satom Venture Studio, we combine investing in startups and developing our own Blockchain/Web3/Metaverse products.

We help teams with practical and visionary thinking put their game-changing ideas into action.

  • Execution strategy, project management, and planning
  • Market knowledge and strategy
  • Talents & HR
  • Fundraising
  • Accountancy and Finance

Satom can help you transform your innovative ideas into compelling use cases.

  • A three-month mentoring program that focuses on developing strategy, people management, go-to-market, financial forecasting, and a plan for capability building.
  • Execution strategy, project planning and management, market knowledge and strategy, human resources and talent, fundraising, finance, and accounting are examples of enabling services.
  • Blockchain consulting services include token distribution, auditing, community building, and blockchain as a service.
  • Network: Industry professionals, the media, investors, and many more

Satom invested in Cat on chain, Kryptos Media, CoinR4, Chain Zoom.

Dlab partnered with Vietnam Blockchain Union, Become a Blockchain Developer, Sotatek, and Jobhopin


Dlab was created in 2018 by SOSV to provide capital and resources for web3 and cryptocurrency projects to create more open, transparent, and participatory systems using blockchain and distributed technologies, and other rights. It offers up to $250k in venture funding to pre- and seed-stage startups globally through our fully remote program.

In addition to funding, Dlab’s team supports startups through a proven formula of scheduled review and feedback sessions; mentor network interactions.  Private hands-on help in the field areas such as architecture and product design, UX, business development, and fundraising strategy. It has a dedicated community of mentors, founders, collaborative investors, and ecosystem partners that are excited to collaborate with early-stage founders.

Dlab invested in API3, Milkomeda, Composable Finance and partnered with Pantera.

Next Big Thing (NBT)

Next Big Thing (NBT) is a blockchain and IoT building and construction company based in Berlin. NBT focuses primarily on IoT, sensors, data processing, and smart contracts. The NBT model that follows is not a fully dedicated startup-building model with in-house entrepreneurs, but a co-founder model with strong equity and mentorship through a network of entrepreneur partners. NBT’s key employees are active and influential in Berlin’s startup and innovation space.

Next Big Thing (NBT) empowers and enables aspiring founders to build transformative, technology-driven businesses that deliver real-world impact.

NBT believes in making the world a better place by democratizing technology, co-founding lasting success, and opening up new economic opportunities.

Next Big Thing AG invested in AssistMe.io, metr.systems, weeve.network, NRGEN, EverTrace.io.


A venture builder, investor, and advisor, Coinsilium supports startups using blockchain technology and the token economy. They had the first public offering of a worldwide blockchain accelerator in 2015. Coinsilium has invested in projects like Factom, Rootstock, or Elevate Health.

Coinsilium believes that Blockchain technology is the unparalleled disruptive power that can power them. The greatest innovations grow in a network that shares the vision behind them. Investing in the Blockchain community means investing in the future of their world.

To unleash the potential of Blockchain, their mission goes beyond bringing together brains, visionaries, and enthusiasts in space. We provide Blockchain-specific funds and resources to build viable businesses based on industry-changing products and services and infrastructure.

Coinsilium invested in Factom, Rootstock, and Elevate Health.


The thesis is an innovative venture studio focused on bridging the crypto/real-world purchasing gap. They mostly work with public blockchains, a lot with bitcoin. Part of their job is to enable the storage of private data on public blockchains. The thesis follows the venture-builder model, which participates in the actual technology-building process and is supported by larger organizations. Their main verticals are Data, Payments, and Games.

Thesis believes in your right to choose; to define membership in our culture and focused organizations. We build and fund products and protocols using cryptocurrency and decentralized technology.

Thesis invested in Fold App, Keep Network.

Thesis collaborated with Draper Associates, Polychain, Andreesen Horowitz, and DHVC.


In Vietnam, Satom Venture Studio is the right place for you. Satom Venture Studio is one of the growing venture studios in Vietnam. We are a studio designed and operated by a dedicated team. We believe in partnering with visionaries to help shape their ideas, create them through a repeatable process, and move them forward with capital and talent.

If you are interested in Satom Venture Studio, visit us at https://satom.vc/ . We always welcome you!

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