Startup Studio.

Why Us .

We enable practical and visionary teams to actualise their world-changing ideas.


We identify potential ideas for real world applications, then match them with the right markets and industries.


We seek brilliant teamwork, strong project commitment, complementary skills between team members.


We combine investment capital with a unique blend of enabling services for founders to create successful business.


We were once founders like you. Satom is capable of contributing to every building phase of your startups.


We help with Execution Strategy, Project Management, Market Insight, HR & Talents, Fundraising, and Finance.

Our Portfolio.

We have built and scaled several ideas into thriving blockchain companies.

Coinr4 - Blockchain knowledge in one place

Coinr4 – Satom’s news app has been officially released since May 2022 . This app organizes all of your blockchain information. Whether you’re into crypto breaking news, in-depth analytics, insightful opinion pieces, learning or connecting with the community.

Our highlight organic metrics:

  • The total app download: 2000 times.
  • Monthly Active Users increased 30% within 2 months.
  • Average time on App: 5 min.

Satom Invested $1M in Catonchain in March 2022

Catonchain is a leading edutainment content ecosystem about business, investment, and new technology, especially blockchain for Gen Z. In March 2022, Satom Venture Studio invested $1M in Cat on Chain, focusing on edutainment content for GenZ about business, investing, and cutting-edge technology, particularly blockchain. And to further support Catonchain’s long-term vision, Satom provides the team with the necessary technologies, consulting, and incubation services.

Our highlight organic metrics:

  • The official website increased by 1287.5% compared to its traffic in April.
  • The number of users on the website now grew by 1615.38 % in comparison with the initial one.
  • The number of YouTube subscribers grew 433.67% during the last 4 months.
  • The total number of views on YouTube rose by 785.18 % during the last 4 months.

Biết Tuốt Crypto

Biet Tuot is an ecosystem of social media channels, its purpose is to convey in the most understandable way basic and advanced knowledge in the Blockchain/Crypto industry in order to change the perception of investors in the market.

After 3 months of operating, Biet Tuot proudly to reach:

  • Facebook: 1,7K followers.
  • Tiktok: 15,7K likes, 100K views per video.
  • Youtube: 1000 subscribers, 100K views per video.