7 Skills Of Highly Effective Leaders

Skills of highly effective leaders are indispensable for becoming a good leader. Here are 7 effective leadership skills that leaders need to achieve success.

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In addition to guiding, inspiring, and directing employees, influential leaders are passionate, committed, optimistic, and confident. They also develop the talent and strength of their team and motivate everyone to achieve common goals. With that said, here are seven skills of highly effective leaders that I believe an effective leader must possess.

What are the skills of highly effective leaders?


Skills of highly effective leaders are skills you use when organizing, and arranging work for others to achieve a common goal. It doesn’t matter if you’re in management or in charge of a project; having strong leadership abilities can help you inspire others to finish a variety of duties, frequently on time. In addition to being competent, leadership requires a variety of additional soft skills.

A strong leader needs patience, empathy, listening, trustworthiness, creativity, positivity, good communication skills, team building, flexibility, flexibility, willingness to take risks, and the ability to teach or mentor. Effective leaders are a crucial component of any business or organization. They can help build strong teams within the business and ensure projects, initiatives, or other work proceeds smoothly.

7 Skills Of A Highly Effective Leader

Being a leader is hard, and being a highly effective leader in executing projects is even harder. Leadership is a general management level with many positions such as director, department head, foreman, etc. Therefore, to become a highly effective leader, you need to have the skills of a highly effective leader. Here I want to share with you 7 skills of a highly effective leader.


Have a vision

You must be able to think about or plan for the future with your imagination or intellect. Vision is the guiding principle for all successful leaders. You will be able to come up with a vision and plan a path to success in any organization you want to lead.

Near Protocol co-founder, Illia Polosukhin, shares his vision for Web3. ”The Web3 community requires simple, easy-to-use applications. We need a programming-friendly platform and native connectivity between applications.”

Have good expertise

No one can be a good leader without expert knowledge of the field in which they work. In addition to the background knowledge, you also need to cultivate more specialized knowledge and delve deeper into aspects of the job to become a good leader confidently.

Cryptography is one of the prerequisites for blockchain development. Blockchain technology relies on Cryptography to sign and verify transactions. Also, to make sure data or transaction records cannot be tampered with. Besides, cryptography also plays a very important role in securing decentralized applications, ensuring applications are safe from threats. So working in the blockchain industry requires a solid knowledge of cryptography.

Effective Communication

An essential skill of an effective leader is concise, tactful, and clear communication. You understand that communication is not only listening attentively and giving answers to complex situations, but also knowing how to communicate an idea, and asking deep, clear questions with the information they share. You can also consult with team members and communicate goals effectively. Of course, conflict is inevitable in the workplace. 

Therefore, leaders should know how to resolve even the smallest disputes so that they do not go too far. After all, leaders know that all conflicts can affect the productivity and morale of their employees. So they will need to find a solution that makes both parties feel that they are heard and respected.

According to Jayson DeMers (founder, and CEO of Audience Bloom), communication is a simple but extremely important skill, it reflects the leadership ability and business negotiation ability of the head of the company. 

Make the decision


If you encounter problems during the implementation of a blockchain project, you should be able to detect and resolve the problem before it escalates. It requires focus and attention to every detail of the project. You also have to stay calm under pressure. To ensure that work is handled efficiently and smoothly by your team members, you must identify and fix the issue before it arises. 

If we apply innovative ideas to modern issues, it will reduce the workload and difficulties for the team and the business. You have to make essential decisions many times, and weighing different solutions can be a daunting task. However, great leaders are equipped with decision-making and problem-solving skills that are essential in an organization.

Mentoring skills

The good skills of a highly effective leader don’t just rely on decision-making skills. Managers also need support. If you have reached a level where you are confident in leading your team with your knowledge and experience, you must share your skills with others. You can go beyond your skills by mentoring employees and building their trust. A successful manager will be the driving force behind the success of each team member.

Organizational skills

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Being a leader includes some responsibilities such as working with team members; monitoring whether they are working effectively, attending discussions, actively participating in training sessions, reviewing company policies, and evaluating. If you lack any of these, you will be seen as a bad example to your team members.


A highly effective leader keeps deadlines in mind and thus reduces stress and saves time. Many managers share work with team members to reduce workloads. You must analyze the skills and knowledge that team members have in order to effectively assign tasks depending on their skill sets. In a way, you can replicate the work the leader accomplishes and, at the same time, boost the confidence and skills of your team members.


This skill is one of the most significant factors to achieve success in business. Here are certain elements to mastering commercial awareness:

  • You must know about the mission and goals of the company.
  • You must have a basic understanding of your business.
  • Have the ability to scan and find your company’s competitors.
  • You should know the political and economic factors that affect the company.


For blockchain leaders, the main challenges they face are the lack of awareness about the technology, especially in fields other than banking, and a lack of understanding of how it works. This is to hinder investment and exploration of ideas by leaders in the blockchain industry.


These are some skills that I believe make a highly effective leader. However, you have to figure out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can determine which traits work best for you.

Remember that being an effective leader is not an easy task. It means sacrifice, selflessness, and optimism even when things don’t go your way, but it will all be worth it once you start earning the love and trust of your team members and when together you achieve the goal.

Hopefully, the information Satom Venture Studio shared in the article will be useful to the leaders who are starting a business in the blockchain industry.

Leadership skills are a very important part and determine the working attitude and performance of the team. If you are looking to improve your own leadership or that of any member of your company, contact us- Satom Venture Studio . At Satom, we provide skills training and support new ideas about blockchain and Web3. For more information, please contact us at hello@satom.vc.

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