Satom partners with JobHopin to organize Blockchain Connect Series

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Satom Venture Studio is excited to announce a strategic partnership with JobHopin, the first AI recruitment platform in Vietnam with more than 2.2 million candidates across the country. Its goal is to pioneer AI applications in HR in Southeast Asia.

Satom partnered with JobHopin to co-organize a blockchain series event called, BLOCKCHAIN CONNECT. This is the place for all people who are interested in blockchain and career paths in this field.


Blockchain Connect is a series of events held from the beginning of 2022, founded by JobHopin. Its goal is to become a one-stop-shop for blockchain players to gain access to relevant resources and solutions to their current pain points.
This blockchain series is expected to have a halo effect on increasing blockchain awareness and adoption in the Vietnamese community.

How does Satom Venture Studio help the Blockchain Connect events?

To partner with JobHopin in this Blockchain Connect event for the long term and make this event more successful, Satom is investing in both capital and effort.
In detail, Satom will help JobHopin with:

  • Consultation on expanding or focusing on a more niche segment of the target audience
  • Enhancements to the program’s purpose 
  • Another proposed approaches 

What to expect from Blockchain Connect?

With the efforts of both teams, Blockchain Connect has achieved significant results, including 839 total registrations, 392 total guests welcomed, 89% fill rate, and delivered a lot of value for participants. 

The second phase is also expected to have great performances as well as bring much more value to the audience.

About JobHopin

JobHopin is the first career management and recruitment platform in Vietnam to use AI/ML technology, which speeds up, simplifies, and improves the recruitment process.

Starting in Vietnam, JobHopin desires to be the top platform for HR technology in Southeast Asia.

JobHopin is influencing the future of work through Bunny AI by providing real-time market analytics and helpful suggestions for a more intelligent hiring and career management process.


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