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Satom Venture Studio announces a strategic investment in Cat On Chain (CoC), an exciting and unique content ecosystem dedicated to business, investment, and new technologies, especially blockchain.

Satom invested $1M in Cat On Chain in March 2022.

In March 2022, Satom Venture Studio invested $1M in Cat On Chain, focusing on edutainment content for GenZ about business, investing, and cutting-edge technology, particularly blockchain.

As a result of this investment, Cat On Chain expands both its global footprint and services available on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and websites.

Creating content from young talents who have experience in business, investment, and new technology fields will bring positive energy to help Gen Z discover the latest trends, especially in Blockchain. 

The main products from Cat on Chain are their Content Series, which are available as YouTube videos, website articles, and File Audio (Podcasts) on services like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

  • Series “Hey BlockchainZ”: The podcast series offers advice for young people who want to work in technology companies, particularly blockchain companies.
  • Series “Ket Block Noi Chain”: The content series helps new users learn how to use the tools by providing background information on emerging technologies, particularly Blockchain.
  • Series “Balo Blockchain”: The content series merely responds to the complexity of the blockchain industry.
  • Series “Quẹt phải Blockchain”: The podcast series of articles will evaluate new technology products made possible by the use of Blockchain.
  • Series “Get on The Chain”: Podcasts discuss emerging trends in finance, technology, and business. That aids young people in gaining the proper perspective on trends and avoiding FOMO (negative).

To support Cat On Chain’s long-term vision, Satom provides the team with the necessary technologies, consulting, and incubation services.

Cat On Chain: An Overview

What is Cat On Chain?

Cat on Chain is a leading edutainment content ecosystem about business, investment, and new technology, especially blockchain for Gen Z. 

Cat-on-chain is a startup project to establish a communication company in the Blockchain field in 2022. The project carries the spirit and message of Web 3.0 “Safe, Secure, and Always Transparent”. The project was established for the young generation — those who are interested in digital products, information security, and the cryptocurrency market in general or knowledge about Blockchain in particular.

Cat-on-chain implies “cats walking on the chain.” The image of “cats” represents the project’s participants. These “cats” contain no personal information and are thus anonymous. Furthermore, the image of the cat represents money and good fortune.

The image of “chain” here is related to the “chain” in the “blockchain”. When one chain is broken, the other chain is broken, and the full chain(s) will not function.

What Is The Idea of Cat On Chain?

Cat on chain with the idea of accelerating the development of the platform through strategic investment. Besides, it also contributes to the ecosystem by building a leading entertainment content infrastructure, including business, investing in new technology, especially blockchain for Gen Z.

Develop content in the format of videos, podcasts, and articles on social media channels, as well as websites. One thing is for sure: this will be content that is universal knowledge, sharing practical experiences, and always in the spirit of helping Gen Z young people approach trends in the simplest way.

The Goal of Investing in Cat On Chain

The goal of Cat on Chain is to define itself as a leading content ecosystem in business, investing, and new technology, particularly blockchain, by promoting this knowledge to the world’s youth in the most approachable manner.

The Vision & Mission of Cat On Chain

Cat On Chain is made up of young professionals with expertise in finance, investing, and cutting-edge technology. Through their work, they hope to spread positive energy and encourage GenZ to study cutting-edge topics like the ultimate space movement and blockchain technology.

The mission of Cat on Chain is to define itself as a leading content ecosystem in business, investing, and new technology, particularly blockchain, by promoting this knowledge to the world’s youth in the most approachable manner.

Its vision is to initiate and promote a proper understanding of blockchain for the global young generation.

Where does inspiration come from?

The inspiration for Cat On Chain comes from young people who are dynamic, enthusiastic, and already have a business or have invested in new technology. With the hope and desire to bring safe solutions, transmit knowledge about Blockchain in new, creative ways and in line with user trends on social networking platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.


“We hope that Cat On Chain can contribute to the ecosystem development of business, investment, and new technology through strategic investment. There are a lot of features that we look forward to seeing in Cat On Chain that are coming, and we think users will be excited about these features as well.”


You can follow them and update Blockchain news as rapidly as possible with the aid of products like:

  • Their website:
  • TikTok: @catonchain
  • YouTube channel: Hey Blockchain Gen Z!, Get On the Chain, Balo Block Chain, Ket Block Noi Chain, and Quet Phai Blockchain.


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