Top 5+ Best NFT Rarity Tools

Determining NFT rarity is crucial. Find out the top 5 best NFT Rarity tools in this article, so you can evaluate the worth of your NFT.

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It can make a huge impact to know the NFT rarity of the token you wish to purchase, especially if you’re a reseller. Since rarity affects value, flex, and resale, the more uncommon an item is, the greater all three are! Therefore, determining NFT rarity is crucial. Find out the top NFT Rarity tools in this article so you can evaluate the worth of your NFT.

The is one of the most used tools for figuring out how rare an NFT is. Real-time ranking of NFTs is based on the rarity of their properties. Find NFTs that fit your requirements by filtering by average price, overall sales volume, owner count, or top collections. In addition, the website’s user-friendly interface makes it straightforward to find trait rarities.

On, you may sort all the NFTs according to their collections, average prices, or even ETH volume. The overall trait rarity of that specific collection are listed on the NFT collection page. Each NFT has a card in this section that details all of its features as well as its Rarity Score. By entering its ID in the NFT project area, you may also verify the Rarity Score of an NFT that you already own. You will view all the characteristics and Rarity Scores of your NFT after selecting “Lookup.”

Rank NFT 

Rank NFT is one of the coolest NFT rarity checkers available, as well as a Chrome extension! They are also one of the few online rarity checkers that cover the Polygon NFT collections.

Even the overall feel of this tool differs from the previous ones described in this list. To find the NFT of your choosing, you first click on the collection you want to look at. Then you’ll be brought to another window with the NFT rarity score, ranking, and further properties. It also allows you to purchase it from several NFT marketplaces!


OpenSea is the largest and most popular NFT marketplace in the world. NFT sales, as well as NFT rarity rankings based on volume, floor prices, and other considerations, are supported. Explore the most popular collections across any time period. This can be used to determine which collections are trending in order to make an informed decision.

NFTs can be viewed by character attributes as well as rarity; however, there is no overall rarity rating or rarity score. It is undeniably a disadvantage, but having an NFT marketplace and real-time ranking facilitates decision-making. Tracking and analyzing your digital art investments is a breeze when you use OpenSea as an NFT rarity checker.

Rarity Sniffer

Rarity Sniffer, as the name suggests, delivers the most recent NFT rankings of new NFT projects based on their rarity. Only the most recent collections, as well as NFT drops and anticipated upcoming NFT initiatives, are available in their free edition.

A Discord channel is also available for further analysis of potentially unusual NFTs. It provides operators with access to the NFT rare status of newly detected assets before they are made public.


The most latest on the market is ChainWitcher Rarity Tool. Despite its relative youth, it has earned a place on this list as a highly effective tool! It provides a detailed breakdown of all NFT rarity scores and compares them to other NFTs. It’s easy to use and will make your non-fungible experience much easier!

You can search by project, ID, or project attributes. You may also choose when it is for sale or auction to further narrow it down. Furthermore, you  can also select your own budget! Very simple, straightforward, and effective!


CryptoSlam is yet another fantastic NFT tool for non-fungible token market research and analysis. Each NFT series has its own page that details the most recent sales and minting activity.

Beside NFT rarity, the CryptoSlam ranking NFT tool includes all the parameters that an NFT tool should have, such as NFT sales, floor price, transaction volume, number of owners, and more. The portal also has a section dedicated to NFT Rarity, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of each non-fungible token.


RarityMon is widely regarded as the most precise NFT rarity tracker available. That’s an impressive claim, given that they don’t seem to define “correct” anywhere, and the material is very debatable.

If you claim to be one of the “most accurate” rarity tools but don’t feature CryptoPunks, CryptoMories, Cool Cats, or any other big collections on your site, you’re bordering on false advertising. They may not be the finest NFT rarity tool, but it’s nice to know that Solana NFTs are supported.

Bottom line,

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck in any collectible market, rarity reigns supreme. If you want to make a profit, you must follow trending NFTs. Hopefully, the NFT rarity tools described above will make it easier for you to check your NFT rarity.


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