Top 9+ NFT Jobs to Start Your Crypto Career

People looking for NFT jobs are increasing. Here are the top 9 best NFT jobs to begin a career in the crypto industry.

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The vast majority of participants in NFTs tend to go alone, much like in the crypto community at large. People looking for NFT jobs are increasing.

In this post, you’ll learn about the top list of NFT jobs in the crypto industry, as well as the skills you’ll need to begin a career in NFTs.

What are NFT jobs?

NFT jobs are similar to any other job in a tech startup or organization, with the exception that the major focus is on developing a product specialized to the NFT industry. There are numerous career opportunities available in the NFT sector, both part-time and full-time. Executive positions, blockchain developers, marketing managers, community managers, and other positions are a few examples of NFT careers.

Some career opportunities require prior experience and competence, depending on the exact area in which you wish to work. This is particularly true for technical positions. However, there is numerous entry-level employment available.

Top 10 NFT Jobs Lists You Should Know

There are so many NFT job boards and other crypto job lists available that it’s tough to keep track of them all.

One of the difficulties for individuals looking for work is that the NFT job listings are dispersed all over the place.

You never know which one is current or whether it has already been filled.

As a result, you eventually wind up visiting a variety of various NFT employment sites.

While we can’t readily remedy that for you, we can try our best to compile a list of the best career websites for finding NFT jobs.

So, here are the top 9 NFT job lists you should be aware of.


NFT Smart Contracts Developer 

A smart contract developer is a competent individual who understands what Smart Contracts are, how to write them, and how to deploy them for any blockchain-based project, including NFTs. Smart contracts are required for NFTs so that they can self-execute when certain conditions are met. Solidity and other blockchain programming languages such as rust are required to become a smart contract developer. A salary of up to $160,000 a year is possible.

NFT Web Developer

Any technology project that lacks a website is analogous to a physical store that lacks a location. Web developers plan and build the website that will host the NFT project and allow anyone to purchase it or communicate with the team.

The website is the public face of every NFT project. It is critical to treat it as such. While understanding how to develop websites from scratch is beneficial, tools such as the WordPress SDK are more convenient. However, additional technological modifications will be required due to new Web3 requirements such as Wallet integration and on-chain tracking. Salary might range from $100,000 to $150,000 per year.

Senior Legal Advisor

Many people are still unfamiliar with the concepts of Web3 and NFT. The laws of blockchain-based projects pose a hurdle. From copyright design to trademark limits and compensation in the event of a loss, legal practitioners are increasingly in demand to assist in the resolution of such issues.

To become the legal counsel for an NFT project, you must first understand how blockchain works, with a focus on smart contracts, copyright rules in Web3, the composition of NFT, and business use cases. It is critical to have a good understanding of how national boundaries interpret technology. Legal counsel might earn up to $140,000 per year.

NFT Analyst

NFT analysts are responsible for doing research on a variety of topics in the blockchain business, with a concentration on NFTs. This research will yield project insights and forecasts that may be utilized to make decisions such as investments, risk management, and more.

NFT Analyst also contributes to the tokenomics of NFT projects. They examine and make recommendations on how to develop and implement NFT tokenomics. In-depth knowledge of how the crypto market works is essential. NFT Analysts can earn up to $60,000 per year.

Manager of Collaborations

Collaboration Managers are in charge of fostering collaboration with other high-profile NFT teams and initiatives. They strategize and reach out to NFT projects and Alpha organizations in order to form alliances.

This can entail speaking with community administrators as well as star community members of specific projects who can be influencers.

Knowledge of NFT and Web3, as well as the process of maintaining an NFT community, are essential. Salary might go up to $60,000 per year, or it can be a contract-based position.

Artists/Graphic Designers

NFT initiatives are built on the work of graphic designers and artists. Because the majority of NFT initiatives are in visuals, artists are needed to generate meaningful graphic imagery that relates to the market and expresses the project’s vision.

To curate the image, graphic designers or artists will need to know how to utilize programs like Adobe Photoshop, Coreldraw, and other technologies. To create a well-finished image, rendering software is required. Salary ranges from $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

Social Media Manager 

The Social Media Manager, often known as the Community Manager, is in charge of all firm contacts with the public through the use of content strategies implemented on key social media platforms. These social media may be Facebook, Twitter, or Discord. They are the most popular platforms that NFT lovers often use.

Analyzing engagement data, spotting trends in customer contacts, and developing digital marketing for products are all part of the breakdown. A yearly salary of up to $117,000 is possible.

Discord Community Moderator/ Manager

As previously stated, Discord is regarded as the most critical platform that any Web3/NFT project must have.

The rules, methods, and activities that will be carried out in the community are designed by a Discord community manager. They are carried out in accordance with the project’s aim of making community members feel at ease while also tracking fraudulent actors in the Discord community. They ensure that community members’ voices are heard. Discord managers can earn up to $61,000 per year.

While the Discord Community Manager organizes all community strategies, the moderator puts them into action. To be a Discord community moderator, you must grasp how Discord works, how to connect with people while respecting their individual opinions, and what the NFT project is about as well as the concept. Moderators are the backbone of NFT projects. Annual salary for this job is up to $50,000.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are in charge of developing, implementing, and carrying out strategic marketing plans for NFT initiatives and companies. This is done to attract new clients and keep existing ones.

Marketing managers interact with social media managers to create appealing messages that will be distributed via social media channels. The annual salary increase is $125,000.

What Skills Are Required for NFT Jobs?

Jobs in NFT initiatives demand similar skill sets as those in other tech businesses. Employers will expect a certain amount of technological literacy, regardless of the position. It is critical that you can demonstrate significant experience in the relevant sector of expertise.

NFT companies are similar to any other startup.

Sure, there may be a few NFT-specific career roles, such as Discord community manager or NFT developer that require smart contract skills.

Aside from that, you’ll find much of the same types of employment you’d expect to find in other online-based firms.

The important thing to remember is that these are all digital organizations at their foundation, so you’ll need to be fairly fluent in all things related to online marketing and technology.

However, certain NFT professions are more technical than others, and if you want to work in customer service, you won’t need to know how to code.

Final words,

Aside from the top positions listed above, one can also work as a video creator, researcher, social media manager, creative copywriter, content creation, or meme creator. The industry is still developing. As technology advances, NFTs will necessitate increasingly advanced abilities.

To apply, you must be familiar with blockchain and NFTs, as well as possess the required abilities for each post. Having something to present as proof of prior experience will be quite beneficial. Then, you can move on to sites like Remote3 and or contact HR professionals at these companies through their Discord, Telegram, or LinkedIn forums, to apply for these jobs.

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