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Influencers were formerly dubbed “the new celebrities” and immediately signed on to promote products. But with that came a ton of priceless information. To make it worthwhile, brands needed to discover the right ones and invest in them. This would change in a world with NFT. The ability for influencers to produce their own goods, monetize their videos, and build a brand that consumers would want to support.

Without having to collaborate with marketers, NFTs would enable them to sell directly to fans via their own channels. Through a platform supported by NFT, creators might establish a devoted following and sell merchandise, tickets, and other goods.

What is an NFT Influencer?

An NFT influencer has prior experience making investments in, developing, or marketing NFTs. People seek these influencers for guidance on NFTs because they often have sizable fan bases. Most influencers don’t just offer information about NFTs. Additionally, followers can learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

NFT investors must comprehend this industry and know how to take advantage of it because the most expensive NFT video sold for about $7 million. Finding an NFT influencer is essential to assist you in making the most profitable and strategic decisions because NFTs are difficult to develop or invest in.

How to Find NFT Influencers to Promote Your Project?

It can be difficult to find the appropriate influencers to support your NFT project. Finding an influencer in your particular field who has expertise in advertising NFTs, is very important because they will be present on the best platform to reach your target audience.

Fortunately, you can search and connect with a vast variety of influencers, in every topic, reaching every potential audience, from their database using marketplaces like Fiverr.

Based on the search filters you use, a fast search on Fiverr will turn up influencers who exactly fit your criteria.

The website enables you to examine portfolios and see rates and packages once you have a choice to choose. This allows you to identify the influencers who, in addition to their regular influencer experience, have actual NFT experience.

The evaluations and ratings that previous customers have provided on Fiverr are another wonderful way to learn which influencers are reliable to deal with and what sort of outcomes they have historically produced.

Finding lesser influencers on Fiverr is especially recommended. In comparison to macro- and celebrity-influencers, nano- and micro-influencers have higher engagement rates and frequently more clout inside their own niches, making them more potent for boosting sales.

You can message the top NFT influencers straight from the platform once you’ve identified who to contact. You may manage the entire partnership on the platform, including outreach, contracts, and payments.

Most Famous NFT Influencers to Follow

Let’s check out the most well-known NFT influencers who can help you find the greatest NFTs as well as help you promote your NFTs on Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok.

Top 5+ Famous NFT Influencers to Follow on Twitter



Number of followers: 314.9k

Even though @farokh doesn’t develop NFTs, he undoubtedly has an impact on the NFT community. This influencer enjoys collecting art as NFTs, and they have a number of items in their collection, including “Make Love Not War” by AlienqueenNFT and pieces from Cory Van Lew’s clock collection. Additionally, @farokh has a channel on rug radio where he talks about investing and NFTs.


Number of followers: 236.9k

@DeezeFi is a well-known NFT influencer. He is also the director of the Twitter channel @fractional art. This account collects NFTs, which are metaverse art pieces. His project, NEONDAO, allows users to create detailed avatars with new metaverse features. Users can make wizards, warriors, and a variety of other characters.


Number of followers: 172.4k

One of the rare female NFT influencers is a crypto artist by the name of @RealMissNFT. She takes pleasure in producing cutting-edge, original artwork as NFTs. Her fan base adores what she creates. Additionally, Metanatics, her ongoing project, is receiving a lot of attention. Users can construct unique avatars and reside in the metaverse with the help of this project.


Number of followers: 158k

@ohhshiny collaborated with two other NFT influencers to create DIGITAL. This is a company committed to investing in and expanding the metaverse. @ohhshiny shares his enthusiasm for NFTs by promoting NFT creators, sharing NFT and crypto trends, and expressing his thoughts on the evolution of NFTs.


Number of followers: 148.5k

The next person to mention in this list is @j1mmyeth who is NFT42’s founder and CEO. This company offers a variety of NFT solutions, including life-like Ethereum avatars and tools for brands to launch and manage their own NFTs. Users who follow this NFT influencer will also be aware that NFT42 manages the most active NFT community and hosts mini-competitions in the metaverse built on Ethereum.

Top 5+ Famous NFT Influencers to Follow on YouTube


The Bitcoin Express

Number of subscribers: 117k

The Bitcoin Express will assist crypto and NFT newcomers and professionals in expanding their understanding of this universe. This YouTube channel deconstructs Ethereum, privacy, and security in the metaverse, as well as the most recent news about these concepts. You can also learn about blockchain and yield farming.


Number of subscribers: 48k

This YouTube channel shares information about NFT projects rather than creating them. You can also learn which investments are the best to make. Users learn how to multiply their profits through NFT projects, and RyandCrypto enjoys funding creations that they believe have potential. RyandCrypto also publishes news and trends in the NFT industry.

JRNY Crypto

Number of subscribers: 654k

Look no further if you’re looking for an NFT influencer who can provide you with all the information you need on crypto and NFT investment strategies. Tony’s JRNY Club is a hub for NFT creators to develop NFTs, communicate with other NFT enthusiasts, share news, and sell NFTs. There are also several NFTs for sale.

Giancarlo buys tokens

Number of subcribers: 109k

Much more than simply NFTs was covered on the two previous YouTube channels. However, this channel is solely about NFTs. Popular topics covered by this NFT influencer include free NFT tools, the best free NFTs, and how to buy tons more NFTs in 2022.

NFT Times

Number of subscribers: 59.4k

Mr Fungible, the owner of this channel, has spent nearly a decade specializing in digital marketing and supporting artists, musicians, and other digital influencers. You can get advice on how to avoid common NFT blunders, how to make NFTs more appealing for free, and how to use free NFT tools.

Top 5+ Famous NFT Influencers to Follow on TikTok



Number of followers: 14.8M

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most well-known figures in the NFT industry. He is an entrepreneur who shares a lot of useful NFT-related content on various social media platforms. His TikTok account contains a wealth of useful videos on a variety of NFT-related topics. 

Following this account, whether you are new to space or not, will provide you with a better understanding of space. It allows you to learn more about NFTs, and provides you with insights from one of the biggest NFT TikTok influencers and experts in the space.


Number of followers: 1.3M

NFT influencer nft.degen publishes a lot of stuff on TikTok and other social media sites. To keep viewers informed about the NFT market and space, they provide excellent insight on the NFT sector and discuss recent happenings in the sector. Additionally, they discuss a number of intriguing NFT initiatives that are worth checking into. The films shared on this account teach and educate viewers on various up-and-coming initiatives in the area.


Number of followers: 896.7k

Another great NFT TikTok account to follow is mr.nftenium. They regularly post videos on NFT-related topics that are extremely educational for all viewers. Their videos are entertaining to watch while also discussing relevant NFT topics, keeping viewers up to date on major current events in the space. They also discuss the metaverse and crypto in their videos, making this an excellent account to follow for anyone interested in the crypto world.


Number of followers: 214.7k

This TikTok account provides you with access to a variety of amusing, relatable, and useful content that will keep you entertained and informed about the NFT space. There are videos on current NFT news and crypto news in general, as well as tips for beginners who want to begin buying or selling NFTs. 

You can even learn about personal projects and how they were started to get ideas for your own NFT projects. This account contains numerous videos that educate followers on the current state of the market as well as new developments in the space.


Number of followers: 87.5k

This TikTok account provides a unique look into the NFT art space through a variety of videos that comment on the most recent and upcoming NFT art pieces and projects. Through the content on this account, you can learn and discover the future of NFT art and art in general. 

The videos on the account assist all types of NFT investors and traders in staying informed about the NFT space. You can also learn about new and exciting NFT projects worth investigating, as well as meme-related videos to keep you entertained.


NFT influencers are becoming more and more well-known as the metaverse expands. In order to understand more about NFT trading, those who are interested in it approach influencers. NFT influencers come in a variety of forms and sizes; some teach investors how to create NFTs while others act as mentors. In addition to the top NFT influencers above, you can also follow Satom Venture Studio’s Twitter account. Here, we are sharing news and updates about NFTs space, Web3, and the metaverse world.

Depending on what you want to learn and how you want to use NFT marketing, you can follow different NFT influencers. You can start making money from NFTs and the metaverse as soon as you get involved.

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