5+ Best NFT Frames to Display Your NFTs

Framing your NFT is an excellent way to display your collection. NFT frames are taking a larger center stage as more people discover them.

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Digital frames have been around for a long time, so buying items that allow you to display your NFTs may be a novel concept to grasp. Despite this, NFT frames and displays are beginning to take a larger center stage as more people discover what NFTs have to offer.

Framing your NFT is an excellent way to display your collection and impress your guests. However, with so many digital frames available, how do you know which one is best for displaying your NFTs?

On the market, there are some incredible digital frame models. Companies have worked hard to create the best possible displays for your NFT art.

What are NFT frames?


NFT displays, as the name implies, are pieces that allow you to show off your luxurious NFT collection. Interestingly, these “frames” have a few more features than standard bookstore finds because they allow you to show, verify, and sometimes sell your digital art—features that regular digital frames do not have.

However, the most popular NFT frames and displays allow you to access your NFT wallet or cryptocurrency. Many of them also have audio features and high-quality wooden finishes.

After doing some research and buying my own NFT display frame, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 frames for displaying NFTs.

5 best NFT Frames to display your NFTs


Canvia is a reputable business with a long history of producing high-quality frames for your NFT collection. Each of their frames has software that can be used to change the display’s brightness and lighting. In this way, you can produce vibrant art at any time of day or night without having to change the settings.

Several web3 wallets have integrations with Canvia frames that make it possible to use NFT pictures and videos. Your personal NFT art collection can be safely and easily displayed in a stunning frame that is available in four different designs: black, white, cherry, and oak.

Additionally, you can zoom in on particular details or display more information about an intriguing piece all from your mobile device by using the Canvia app. Look no further than Canvia if you want a high-quality NFT frame with a good reputation.


Displays using blockframe NFT Use your web3 wallet as authentic and verifiable proof of ownership to bring your favorite NFT collection into your house, place of business, or gallery. Cast your individually owned NFTs from the Ethereum or Tezos blockchain to your own chic digital frame by connecting your web3 wallet.

This NFT display company began operations in the spring of 2021 and is still expanding as the NFT market expands. Even though there is only one product on the market right now, there are many more in the planning stages, and Blockframe intends to release more display sizes and styles in the coming months.

The 21.5-inch frames provide a roomy display area for your NFT and are available in just one color, making them simple to display anywhere. Additionally, you can use the Tokencast app, which is built into the frame, to alter the NFT’s size and display preference (vertically or horizontally).

Finally, their prices are reasonable, and they consistently receive positive customer feedback.


Tokenframe is one company that recognizes the value of NFT art and builds its frames with authenticity in mind. Simply sign in with your web3 wallet, connect your frame to Wi-Fi, and then cast your NFTs to display them. It’s really that easy.

Tokenframe currently offers four frame colors: birch, mahogany, solid white, and solid black. The frames are made of real wood and have 2K and 4K resolutions with vivid, anti-glare screens designed specifically for digital art. There are six different frame options for the 10-inch tabletop frames.

The Tokenframe models have the advantage of being available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 10 inches (0.25 m) to 55 inches. This means you have a variety of ways to display your NFTs.

Tokenframe delivers a quality product that works great in any setting, regardless of size, such as a 10-inch option for your table or a larger size that fits the main focal point of your living area.

Furthermore, the Tokenframe app allows you to customize the background color, artwork size, and other aspects to ensure a perfect fit.

Log into your web3 wallet via Metamask, Fortmatic, or WalletConnect to access your NFT Gallery, which are all integrated into the app, making Tokenframe one of the most optimized NFT displays on the market.

Merual Canvas

Netgear’s Meural Canvas is yet another simple NFT frame. They have a variety of frames to choose from and an extensive online collection that includes works by Monet and Banksy.

All Meural owners have access to Async Art’s programmable NFT artwork. These digital paintings are created in layers that change over time and are updated throughout the day on your Meural.

The unique aspect of Meural Canvas is its app. You can access both your own and their collections by downloading them to any device. The wonderful thing about the app is that you can install your NFT wallet as well, giving you quick access to purchasing and displaying NFTs.

In never-before-seen ways, encounter NFT art. Browse for items that match your decor by museum, genre, artist, feeling, or even color. Meural Canvas is a fantastic choice for showcasing your NFTs and is a reputable brand you can trust.

Infinite Objects

Other NFT display companies don’t take advantage of what Infinite Objects does, which is to focus on moving prints and ownership. A single piece of art is uploaded to your frame before it is shipped to your house, and these NFT displays are immutable and only show that one piece.

Additionally, Infinite Objects offers a variety of NFT display options. They provide various options for displaying NFT works by both artists and collectors. I’ll go over each of these options with you now.

As a creator, Infinite Objects displays let your fans enjoy your work outside a browser in the physical world, while you retain ownership of your intellectual property and earn royalties on every sale.

By providing NFT artists with a new avenue for selling their digital artwork, Infinite Objects hopes to empower them. These displays play a single piece continuously and are immutable, so collectors can enjoy your NFT works without having to fuss with the technology.

With their physically treated collectibles that have been permanently altered, collectors can enjoy their NFT continuously. You’ll be able to connect to your web3 wallet and verify ownership of your NFTs once the artist who created your work registers with Infinite Object’s Artist Registry. A preview of the video will automatically populate on the frame’s tool. You can choose to enlarge and rotate the piece of work to your liking before adding it to your shopping cart and checking out.

A company that operates at a higher level is called Infinite Objects. The variety of borders available on each screen makes them functional and fashionable. For NFT frames, they offer a wide variety of choices. It is difficult to look away from the Infinite Objects NFT frames because of their wide variety of models and glowing reviews.


There are numerous options for displaying your NFT. Web3 wallets such as Metamask and Rainbow are good options, but they are limited to the size of your phone or tablet’s screen.

If you want to show off your NFT collection while also allowing others to enjoy it, you should consider purchasing your own NFT display frame or having them printed to physically display them at home.

Aside from investing in NFT frames, you can exhibit your NFTs on digital marketplaces such as Mintable, OpenSea, or Rarible.

If you want to get even more immersed in this space, several apps allow you to display your NFTs on mobile devices by providing JPEG counterparts.


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