Top 10+ Investor Relations Software in 2022

Here is the top 10+ best investor relations software. Read on to choose the right solution for your business with our up-to-date product reviews.

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Investor relations software allows you to manage your investor relationships by collecting investor-related company data. This typically includes metrics, such as their company’s financial information and performance.
There are many options out there. But here is our list of the top 10+ best investor relations software solutions in 2022. 


Irwin is an award-winning capital market and investor relations progress software corporation founded in Toronto, Canada, with more than 100 employees globally. 

This platform is trusted by many famous names, such as Marathon—one of the largest bitcoin miners in North America. It provides services to companies of all industries, including the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets.

Irwin is one of the most accurate and easy investor relations software solutions because it combines unique data sets and gives you a big picture. As a result, you will better understand the changes in your shareholder base.

Not only that, it makes it easy for you to find institutions, funds & retail investment advisors. You can quickly connect to its global database of qualified investors.

Finally, it is also user-friendly investor reporting software that allows you to efficiently build reports for your team.

Backstop Solutions Suite

Backstop’s mission is to help the institutional investment industry make the most of its time. If you are into cryptocurrency and blockchain, it even has a dedicated guide for it.

Its team develops quick investor relations software to simplify time-consuming tasks and processes, allowing you to quickly access, share, and manage knowledge critical to your daily business success. 

Backstop Solutions Suite provides an industry-leading cloud-based productivity suite specifically for investment advisors, pensions, mutual funds, family offices, endowments, funds, private equity, hedge funds, and public real estate investment companies.

It is one of the best investor relations software solutions where you can see all your qualitative and quantitative information in one single place. Therefore, your team can collaborate, share, and keep institutional knowledge.


Ledgy is a private equity investor relations software solution built for fast-growing companies. Therefore, it is suitable for new emerging markets, such as blockchain and web3.

This is a scalable, flexible, and intuitive solution for end-to-end equity management with best-in-class security and privacy.

Ledgy can help you build your employee engagement plan and cap from scratch to empower your workers. As a result, your company will quickly gain the power to attract and retain key talent.

You can display the latest information to all stakeholders—including employees and investors—about their investments. The dashboard shows share ownership, vesting schedule, and future valuation.

This investor relations software also helps you streamline due diligence and handle inspection schedules with exit scenarios and patterns. 


Visible’s mission is to help founders succeed. It achieves this by building the best software for investor relationship management specifically for startup founders and their backers.

Visible allows you to send ongoing investor updates with beautifully designed live charts that can get instant feedback. It works effortlessly and will make your monthly updates a pleasure, not a chore.

The platform also helps you find new investors, track your conversations with them, and share your deck all in one place. 

As a result, you can communicate regularly with your key stakeholders in a simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand format. Therefore, you do not need face-to-face board meetings or video calls to stay connected to share important information.


Clienteer is a highly configurable and easy investor relationship management software solution specifically designed for hedge funds and institutional asset managers. It can assist you with investor relations, sales, marketing, operations, compliance, and business processes associated with these activities.

Clienteer offers its investor communication software in an easy-to-use but powerful user interface. Therefore, you can effortlessly manage contact with your investors and potential clients and keep track of their accounts and transactions.

Unlike other CRM (customer relations management) tools, Clienteer supports various deployment options that can scale to the needs of any size organization. 

You can host it on your own, on a third-party server, or on a private or public cloud. No matter the choice, Clienter’s flexible web-based, mobile, and desktop solutions are always top-notch.

Nasdaq IR Insight

Nasdaq IR Insight supports investor participation, market workflow, and intelligent peer-to-peer mobile. Also, you can connect the platform with Microsoft Office and schedule investor meetings through ConnectIR seamlessly.

In addition, it offers near real-time buying and selling intelligence combined with market and sector contexts. Therefore, you can quickly gauge trends and shareholder sentiment to prioritize investor engagement and understand volatility motion.

You can also reach out to its dedicated team of investor outreach advisors to get help designing strategies to reach current and potential investors, tailoring your messages and benchmarking success with proprietary data and analytics.

In addition, its team can guide you through the implementation stages of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) programs if you want to establish, strengthen, govern, or share your ESG story.

Q4 Desktop

Q4 Desktop is a fully integrated investor relations software solution that combines your CRM with advanced market intelligence tools to simplify the whole investor relations process. 

It includes pipeline and activity logging solutions, intuitive contact-level targeting, time-saving report-building functionality, a journey builder, planning tools, and a database of validated financial data. 

There is also actionable intelligence, including transaction analysis, relative performance, and activity alerts.

Since it is an end-to-end solution, Q4 Desktop aggregates all data generated across websites, events, CRM, and capital market intelligence. Therefore, you can quickly gain insight into stock valuation and your shareholders’ base.

You also have access to a portfolio of innovative solutions to help you achieve your business goals, including websites, video conferencing and virtual events, CRM investor systems, investor targeting, corporate access, and capital market information.

Q4 Investor Relations Websites

Q4 also offers an end-to-end website solution for public companies. All newsroom and investor relations websites using Q4 technologies can take advantage of top design trends, the best user experiences, 24/7 support, and guaranteed top-notch security and regulatory compliance.

In addition, Q4’s powerful content management system is built on a world-class infrastructure that unifies content, design, and analysis into a single environment. Therefore, you can easily control how, when, and what information to disclose to investors.


Developed by DFIN, ArcPro provides intuitive, cloud-based workflow tools and management dashboards to facilitate review and approval processes for construction prospectuses and various other regulatory communications.

You can streamline review and approval processes from anywhere with this cloud-based investor relations software solution. As a result, your production timelines are reduced. And all the content is in sync, accurate, and compliant.

Also, multiple collaborators can simultaneously review documents, identify bottlenecks, and experience the efficiency of email integration.

Diligent Equity

Creating and administering incentive plans and management options has always been cumbersome and error-prone. 

Fortunately, we have Diligent Equity. It helps streamline the creation and management of these plans, saving your team time and reducing compliance risk.

It is basically a sheet management software designed to track and manage stocks, convertible notes, warrants, options, and secondary trades.

Also, a highly active private equity firm relies on many essential systems and needs data to flow back and forth freely. To tackle this problem, it introduced its own API. So you can quickly integrate data and metrics into systems like Salesforce, Affinity, iLevel, and Slack.

b2i IR Websites

Building a fully automated and compliant investor relations website is challenging for smaller businesses with limited technical resources. 

Fortunately, you can save time and money by maintaining the most crucial aspect of your digital business with b2i IR Websites. 

It enables real-time data visualization for your site’s visitors without doing extra work on your behalf. The best part? Its investor relations software solutions are offered as convenient and cost-effective packages or can be selected à-la-carte to meet your specific requirements.

In addition, its team provides design and hosting services for your entire corporate website to make it more engaging and informative for your website visitors.

Final words,

Investor relations software can help you efficiently collect and display data intuitively. As a result, you can quickly make the best decision. Besides, it also save you a lot of time and effort. 

Therefore, we hope this article has helped you find the best investor relations software for your company. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

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