How To Build A Corporate Venture Studio?


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A corporate venture studio is one of the best options for those who want to start their own company. “What is the corporate venture studio?” is one of the questions that people have most often.

This procedure is aimed at launching multiple businesses quickly in anticipation that one business will achieve great success. In other words, this method is frequently referred to as a studio startup. To understand this, we will learn about corporate venture studios, as well as how to build a corporate venture studio.


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What Is A Corporate Venture Studio?

A corporate venture studio is a business that develops start-ups, new products, or services for corporate partners. 

The corporate venture studio can offer all the components required for creative concepts to boost growth. Those values and expertise define the investment level essential to launch the venture: sweat equity (headcount) and capital. In contrast to other market possibilities, establishing corporate venture studios can assist in addressing problems within an organization or its partner ecosystem.

What Are The Advantages Of A Corporate Venture Studio?


The main reason businesses start a program is that corporate teams, which are generally positioned for stability and the continuation of their core company, are the best experts in their own industry.

Meanwhile, because they frequently have a small workforce, few clients, and minimal brand risk to safeguard, new businesses can develop quicker than anybody else. The biggest danger for businesses is not moving quickly enough and failing to safeguard a core business that doesn’t yet exist for these early-stage startups. Corporations, on the other hand, have a lot of resources, but they must focus most of their efforts on safeguarding and expanding their core businesses rather than looking five to ten years into the future.

Our program’s key advantage is that it combines the advantages that corporations and startups inherently have. In our program, our team will have the assets and expertise of a business, with the adaptability and distance from the core of a startup, all while serving the interests of the participating corporation.

4 Components Of Building A Successful Corporate Venture Studio


Here are the top ingredients I believe you need to make a successful Corporate Venture Studio.


The first ingredient to a successful corporate venture studio is vision. To be able to create a compelling vision for a venture studio within a corporation, you need to pay attention to strategic leadership and disciplined tactics.

Large companies most likely have all the talent they need to set up a venture studio. The key is to find the right leadership with a strategic vision that aligns with the business goals and that can execute and integrate the studio’s businesses into the existing company structure.

I believe this leader should know the rules of running the company, but also be proactive enough to be able to bring about progressive change from within the organization.

For instance, at Satom, our vision is to:

  • Create high-powered startups using cutting-edge ecosystem enablers that are speed-focused.
  • Funding extraordinary early-stage entrepreneurs in the media, technology, and creative sectors.
  • To promote disruptive innovation, collaborate with prominent local and international organizations.


While many people have found success by launching a fantastic product, sustainable growth typically hinges on your product’s progression. I’ve discovered that you need to make sure your products experience genuine forward momentum in the form of viral upgrades. Rock star product managers are required for that to happen. Surprisingly, this is where a lot of big businesses fail. Many employees of corporations know how to keep the machine going, but may not clearly understand what the customer is actually searching for.

Making a unit within the venture studio that is responsible for product development and has the mission of peering past the chasm is one of the most reliable strategies to keep things moving. The payback can be significant when you abstract away a product’s upkeep and let a committed team concentrate on innovation.


An engineering and design team that can quickly develop MVPs (minimum viable products) without becoming bogged down in corporate red tape might also be helpful to a corporate venture studio.

The venture studio team needs to understand that they are a unique group of high achievers who will develop creative solutions that others have not been able to. Within your company, look for revolutionaries, square pegs, and rebels.

Naturally, the knowledge you require for your studio varies according to your sector. Your team may need to have experience with technologies like SaaS, ERM (Enterprise Resource Management), WMS (Warehouse Management Systems), and eCommerce if you run a beauty business.

The crew must fully comprehend the operation’s objective. Is the company seeking to enhance its inventory and shipping procedures or to grow by 20% annually? Both have quite distinct objectives. To keep your product compliant, if you’re a medical device firm wanting to optimize EMRs (electronic medical records), you’ll probably need to incorporate professionals in technology and privacy.


Large organizations continue to struggle with the separation between marketing, sales, and products. This problem can be solved by using a venture studio model, which can provide solutions to the problem outside the conventional escalation process.

The marketing industry has evolved. The marketing division is no longer a distinct organization that distributes branded graphics. In order for your marketing department to grasp both the functionality clients require and the story they are selling, they should be included in the studio’s development process.


For corporations, achieving success and growth depends on connecting and investing in outside technologies and startups, which ultimately lead to disruptive new businesses and products. The benefits of a corporate venture studio are becoming increasingly important.

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