CoinR4: Provide “News Stories” for Investors and Blockchain Fans


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With so much volatility and news in the cryptocurrency space, it takes a keen eye to spot the money-making opportunity. If you want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your phone, you should look for the best crypto app with the lowest fees.

This is where Crypto News App Aggregators come in handy. You can literally get access to all the news and buzz surrounding the Crypto space with them. These Crypto News Aggregators Apps can help you in a variety of ways and keep you up to date on the Crypto space.

However, with so many available these days, finding your ideal app isn’t always easy.

What happened to almost all the current crypto news apps on the market?

Although there are countless news aggregator apps on the crypto market, each of which has its own advantages and different perspectives when looking at the problem. But most of them have in common that they collect information from too many sources and platforms. This makes the reader confused and difficult to navigate in such a large pool of information.

These issues are resolved in CoinR4.

How can CoinR4 address these problems?

CoinR4 is a news aggregator app developed in-house by Satom Venture Studio. It provides a method for quickly accessing all blockchain updates from a variety of high-quality sources without duplication and with greater customization.


With its “News stories” feature, CoinR4 can synthesize articles from multiple sources, including stories, videos, podcasts, and trending tweets. This feature helps users have an overview of the progress of an event in the market. (eg: 3AC case, Solana hack, …)

Therefore, CoinR4 is extremely suitable for young people with or without experience in the blockchain industry, investors, and those wanting to improve their general knowledge related to the crypto space.

For further details about the CoinR4 news aggregator app, you can take a look at this article. We introduce and summarize its features, missions, and benefits, so that you can understand more about it.

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