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As mentioned in this article, CoinR4 is an in-house project of Satom Venture Studio that has received a $1 million investment and other necessary support from Satom to accelerate development.

With the help of the news aggregator app CoinR4, users can easily obtain blockchain information from a range of reliable sources with less duplication and more customization.

More specifically, the CoinR4 app will offer users a personalized news feed, a seamless news browsing and reading experience, news coverage from several perspectives, and intuitive news and source management.

In this article, let us introduce to you the latest updated feature of the CoinR4 crypto news aggregator app that helps users save time when they are learning and exploring news in the crypto market. 

Drawbacks of other crypto news aggregator apps

Crypto News App Aggregators were created with the goal of delivering news and buzz about the cryptocurrency space to their audiences. These audiences could include beginners, traders, investors, and even developers and project managers. These Crypto News Aggregators Apps can assist you in a variety of ways and keep you informed about the Crypto space.

There are countless crypto news apps as I described above. However, there are some difficulties that readers may encounter while using such applications. For example, there is too much information, scattered information, and no focus, making it difficult for readers to navigate and find the important information they are looking for.

News Summary: CoinR4 app feature deals with these drawbacks

CoinR4 comes in handy. This crypto news aggregator app offers a “News Summary” feature to address the issues that other apps are facing.

What is “News Summary” and how does it work?


This “News Summary” function will give you a brief news summary, consisting of 256 easy-to-understand characters. That makes it easy for the readers to understand the main content of the news just by skimming the summary. All it takes is about 15 seconds.

Users will save a lot of time with this useful feature. They can get an overview and summarize the main information about the crypto space without having to read through long pages of text.

The news aggregator app CoinR4 is clearly an ideal app for traders who need to quickly get the news, understand the market, and grasp the signals for trading tokens in the cryptocurrency market.

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